Sustainability Plan


Students have always played an active role in shaping sustainability initiatives at the University of St. Thomas. Together, we will develop a nationally recognized model for student engagement and learning that offers a holistic, innovative and integrated approach to sustainability. LEADING BY EXAMPLE On campus, students annually elect a sustainability representative to Undergraduate Student Government, lead multiple student clubs to address sustainability, and participate in a Sustainability Living Learning Community through Residence Life. Off campus, St. Thomas students engage in sustainability through a variety of ongoing initiatives such as the Food Recovery Network, BrightSide Produce and an annual Mississippi River cleanup, to name a few. TURNING DREAMS INTO REALITY 1. Launch a Sustainability Hub To create a culture that prepares students to be sustainability leaders and fosters an environment of collaboration among students, faculty, staff and alumni, we will introduce a Sustainability Hub. This physical space will demonstrate the university’s commitment to sustainability and support:

• Coordinated planning, implementation and assessment • Communications and outreach

• Cocurricular education • Research and teaching

2. Create a coherent sustainability culture for students outside of the classroom We will foster student leadership, awareness and education by incorporating sustainability into new student orientation, Welcome Days and other onboarding activities. We will develop an undergraduate student peer educator program, provide advising support for the Undergraduate Student Government Sustainability Coalition and create a sustainability certificate/pathway in Tommie Link. 3. Connect students to sustainability education at St. Thomas and career opportunities in the sustainability field We will connect students to sustainability degree programs and support the integration of sustainability into the curriculum across academic units. Our job panels and career fairs will engage alumni, hiring managers and donors that offer internships, jobs and careers in sustainability fields. 4. Engage prospective students through our commitment to sustainability We will feature information about our commitment to sustainability in recruitment materials, campus tours and other experiences for prospective students. 5. Engage and educate resident students in sustainable living practice s We will fully integrate sustainability into the residence

halls and Residence Life program. We will model practices to reduce waste, and conserve energy and water and measure our progress. We will grow the Sustainability Living Learning Community for first- year students and create an interest community for second-year students.



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