Sustainability Plan


BLAZING A TRAIL OF RESPONSIBILITY St. Thomas has always encouraged employees to proactively educate themselves on important topics and initiatives, so they can then lead the way for both current and future Tommies. We envision a work environment that empowers employees to participate in opportunities that contribute to sustainability on campus. Pathways to success Currently, all St. Thomas staff receive annual performance assessments and have access to diversity and inclusion programming. Nearly half of all staff participate in training through the Leadership Academy, and a third utilize ongoing wellness programming. It is through these and other important avenues that we will focus our continued implementation of sustainability practices in the work environment. EDUCATING EMPLOYEES 1. Support employee peer-to-peer education We will pilot and evaluate an Employee Educators Program focused on implementing sustainability practices in the work environment. By 2024, 25% of all employees will be directly targeted by a peer-to-peer sustainability education program. 2. Introduce new employees to the university’s sustainability goals To increase awareness of sustainability as a strategic priority for new employees, we will incorporate sustainability information into new employee orientation and onboarding activities, with a goal of reaching 85% of all new staff employees. 3. Assess all staff on sustainability competency Starting no later than 2020, sustainability will be added as a component to the Integrity competency in the Performance Assessment process. All staff (full-time and part-time) will have sustainability included in performance reviews. 4. Increase employee ability to engage in sustainability leadership practices We will increase employee awareness of sustainability initiatives and engage 50% of staff in Leadership Academy trainings related to campus sustainability by 2024. We will offer professional development on diversity and inclusion and sustainability to all employees, and we will distribute information on sustainability best practices for work areas. We will recognize employees with a sustainability badge through the Leadership Academy.



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