Sustainability Plan

3. Foster understanding of how education contributes to a more sustainable world We will work toward a goal of 50% of all degree programs adopting sustainability learning outcomes by collaborating with each academic unit’s appropriate curriculum committee. We will also develop the expertise to integrate sustainability into courses and programs through these aspirations: · Make annual sustainability training and credential program available for all faculty · Conduct institution-wide sustainability literacy assessments every two to three years · Build to 20% of all courses offered by the institution being sustainability courses · Build to 90% of academic departments offering at least one sustainability course · Create a graduate-level sustainability degree or certification 4. Coordinate interdisciplinary curricular engagement campus-wide We will ensure students understand how addressing major sustainability challenges advances the common good by integrating relevant content into the undergraduate core curriculum. We will also engage students and faculty in applied, experiential research and courses that investigate sustainability through community-based projects and campus as a living lab. 5. Become a campus of research excellence in sustainability We will support the expansion of sustainability research across all disciplines through increased donor funding, as well as the free and widespread sharing of such research knowledge, to achieve the following milestones: · 75% of departments have at least one faculty member engaged in sustainability research. · 15% of faculty and staff are engaged in sustainability research. · 15% of scholarly articles published by faculty and staff are deposited in an open access repository.



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