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HOMETOWN: Dayton, Minnesota

MAJOR: Civil engineering

PAST WORK EXPERIENCE? As a “nuke” (nickname for those trained to operate a Navy nuclear power plant), I was stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I was a nuclear chemist and radiological specialist for a submarine. After three years, I oversaw nuclear water chemistry, the reactor, and its other seven supporting water systems, in addition to the radiological monitoring/controls for a billion-dollar warship. HOW DID THE MILITARY PREPARE YOU FOR GOING BACK TO SCHOOL? Becoming a student again in my late 30s was not easy. I’ve overcome many obstacles within the Navy and my personal life. This has helped me realize the potential I have and has given me a high level of confidence to know I can do anything I set my mind to, even going back to college. HOW DID YOU NAVIGATE THE UNIVERSITY OF ST. THOMAS AS A VETERAN? St. Thomas has been very helpful and supportive, their dedication to both personal and financial resources for veterans is amazing. St. Thomas being a Yellow Ribbon School meant I was able to attend and succeed with their financial help. WHAT HAS BEEN THE IMPACT THE UNIVERSITY OF ST. THOMAS HAS HAD ON YOUR ASPIRATIONS? Being an adult in my 30s, I’m juggling more responsibilities than an average student. St. Thomas has shown compassion and flexibility that allows me to help my family and enables my academic success. After graduation, I’d like to get into a consulting role for civil engineering projects, and St. Thomas has played a significant role in advancing me toward my goal. n


Professor Dr. Manjeet Rege, left, and Adjunct Professor and Innovation Fellow Dan Yarmoluk, right, collaborate on the “All Things Data” podcast.

A chair professorship Dr. Manjeet Rege has been established by a university in Hyderabad, India, to honor his outstanding academic contributions in the field of software. The Manjeet Rege Professor of Data Science and AI is the highest academic honor from Woxsen University that will serve as a catalyst to inspire further research and collaborations in the field. named after University of St. Thomas Professor

Rege is chair and professor of the Department of Software

together leading data scientists, technologists, business model experts and futurists to discuss strategies to utilize, harness and deploy data science, data-driven strategies and enable digital transformation.

Engineering and Data Science as well as director of the Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence at the University of St. Thomas. He is an author, mentor, thought leader and frequent public speaker on data science strategy, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technologies. He is also the co-host of the “All Things Data” podcast that brings

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