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The School of Engineering Senior Design Clinic challenges students to create novel solutions to engineering problems posed by industry and community partners. This course is a critical component of the St. Thomas engineering curriculum as it requires student teams to engage hands-on with real-world design problems and to gain skills in professionalism, communication and project management, all while applying their engineering knowledge. Projects are selected from a broad range of partners to match varying student interest, from multinational corporations looking for fresh ideas to entrepreneurial ventures hoping to take a prototype to the next level.


RAMSEY COUNTY ROADWAY RECONSTRUCTION PROJECT Students are partnering with Ramsey County Public Works in the reconstruction of Eustis Street in the city of Lauderdale. This project design will include a new pavement section and lane configuration, redeveloping the corridor to include connectivity for pedestrians, and reimagining a nearby storm water treatment asset. This will be the first project Ramsey County has undertaken to include students in the active design of one of its roadways. SOUND SOURCE LOCATION DEVICE Persons who are hard of hearing or have one-sided hearing loss have difficulty locating a target conversation in their environment. The student team is working with Mayo Clinic engineers on a first level proof of principle device that can determine sound direction, provide a means of visualizing the direction of arrival, and can provide audio enhancements to allow users to follow, see and join the conversation. OFF-AXIS TESTER FOR OPTICAL FILMS A team of students is designing a test device to quantify image quality when window tint films are illuminated by various light sources at a variety of incidence angles. The objective is to correlate the results with customer feedback, which may help in the development of future products at 3M. The design includes integration of many systems.

The School of Engineering actively seeks new industry partners and projects for collaboration with our Senior Design Clinic students. If you know of a company that may be interested in learning about how it can become involved, please have representatives contact Tiffany Ling at

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