President Inauguration 2023 Ceremony Program

Eddy Rojas, Executive Vice President and Provost Amy Smith, Interim Dean of the School of Education Buffy Smith, Dean of the Dougherty Family College Fr. Joseph Taphorn, Rector and Vice President of The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity Chris Thompson, Dean of The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity Erik Thurman, Vice President of University Advancement William Tolman, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Mark Vangsgard, Vice President for Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer Don Weinkauf, Dean of the School of Engineering Yohuru Williams, Founding Director, Racial Justice Initiative Wendy Wyatt, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Kha Yang, Associate Vice President for Inclusive Excellence

FACULTY LEADERSHIP Paola Ehrmantraut, Chair of the Faculty Kevin Henderson, Chair Elect of the Faculty Paul Mellick, Past Chair of the Faculty Agapitos Papagapitos, Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee Joan Williams, Chair of the Adjunct Faculty Council

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