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Erik Money, ‘ 20 J.D. Minnesota Supreme Court Clerk 2020-2021; Current Clerk for the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

CLERKING FOR THE STATE’S HIGHEST COURT Three St. Thomas alumni share reflections on what they learned.

“Clerking at the Minnesota Supreme Court is one of the best jobs a new lawyer can have. The experience demystifies the judicial decisionmaking process and provides an opportunity to observe first-hand which advocacy styles are effective. I encourage any and all interested students to apply.”

Megan Massie, ‘ 22 J.D. Current Minnesota Supreme Court Clerk “I’ve learned so much working at the court. For one, this experience has really helped sharpen my research and writing skills, especially since I’m working with Justice Chutich who is just a fabulous writer and jurist. I feel like my practical skills have improved leaps and bounds already and am excited to continue to sharpen them over this year. “Justice Chutich has also shown me that the work you do outside of the courtroom is just as important as the work you do in it as a legal professional. She is deeply involved in the Minnesota legal community and gives back in ways that go beyond her decisions on the court. She values doing what she can to contribute to the community and help make it a better, more inclusive place to practice law. It has shown me the importance of and motivated me to get involved and connect with other people and groups within our community.”

Mary Clare Mulcahy, ‘ 22 J.D. Current Minnesota Supreme Court Clerk

“Clerking at the Minnesota Supreme Court has already proved to be an amazing experience, and I encourage law students to pursue clerkship opportunities. This position has allowed me to hone my legal writing, research and editing skills. I have also been exposed to a broad range of legal issues, requiring me to be resourceful and curious. Justice Hudson and Justice Chutich are incredible mentors, and I am grateful to learn from them each day. Not only are they excellent jurists, but their commitment to the State of Minnesota and the justice system is inspiring.”

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