Impact of Philanthropy Report FY23

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This is just the beginning

The story of St. Thomas is a story of real-world impact. Since 1885, we have maximized our impact by charting our own path, not chasing trends. As we move toward realizing our aspiration to be a nationally recognized Catholic university with global impact, we know we will not be able to achieve it by replicating what other universities did 10 or 20 years ago. Instead, we will maintain our distinctive St. Thomas charism: an unshakeable focus on what the common good requires of us today and will require of us in the future. Or, as our founder memorably put it, we will “seek no backward voyage across the sea of time,” for St. Thomas “will ever press forward.” It has been a tremendous year for the University of St. Thomas on that trajectory. We’ve navigated leadership transitions, taken stock in a post-pandemic world, launched the Susan S. Morrison School of Nursing, received an anonymous $10 million gift for the Dougherty Family College, continued construction on the STEAM-centered Schoenecker Center, announced the Lee and Penny Anderson Arena, and so much more. But none of this would matter without our students. Our number one priority is to be wise and faithful stewards of the confidence they have shown in St. Thomas. That is why broadening access to a St. Thomas education remains our top fundraising priority and you will see throughout this report the impact of your philanthropy on scholarships. We are deeply grateful to those who have allowed us to expand our capacity to make an impact on our students’ lives and to help St. Thomas reach higher. The mission of the University of St. Thomas has a remarkable capacity to inspire because it calls us to a reality that is bigger than ourselves. As we reach ever further, every gift, no matter the size, helps enhance the student experience, increases opportunities for faculty, and widens our circle of impact. St. Thomas has been changing lives since 1885, but I firmly believe that we’re just getting started, and our best days are ahead.

Rob Vischer President

this will make your

Every gift has an impact

Alumni, donors and many partners who share our mission for the common good stepped forward last year with incredible support and resources to advance our vision


of becoming a national university with global impact. Each gift makes a positive difference in the lives of students, faculty and staff, and their experiences at St. Thomas.

• Exercise Science • Schoenecker Family Endowed Scholarship GRACE MAERTENS ’23

” The Schoenecker Family Endowed Scholarship has been life changing for my family and me. I have been able to attend a challenging yet rewarding school and develop valuable relationships with my classmates and faculty. The sense of community at St. Thomas is so special. ”

• Human Resources & Spanish • GHR Fellows ALEXANDRA CRASSAS ’23 “ The generosity provided by the GHR Foundation has genuinely inspired me to

focus my learning on how to be a powerful global business leader. In every class I have had, regardless of the subject, there has been a connection to the importance of serving the common good.”

• Electrical Engineering • Sarah A. Stevenson International Endowed Scholarship TIMOTHY NKEMBA ’23 “ I was about to start my fourth year when my dad's employment ended abruptly. In the midst of this dilemma, something amazing happened: I had been selected for the Sarah A. Stevenson International Endowed Scholarship. No one's life is a guaranteed smooth sail; we all come into stormy weather, but scholarships make it easier to navigate during the storm. ”

• Finance • Joseph Krupa-Reverend Bernard J. Coughlin Annual Scholarship BEN NAU ’25

“I chose St. Thomas because I felt a connection with [men’s basketball]

Coach Tauer and the culture on the team. Academics were also a really big part of my decision. After learning about the high academic standards and opportunities St. Thomas brings, it seemed perfect for me.”

putting all the PIECES

See the full picture

Opus College of Business and the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship With backing from donors, Opus reaches into underserved communities with the spirit, training and support for entrepreneurship, providing deeper business knowledge for those who have started a venture, along with support to grow. This year, Opus graduated into the workforce the first cohort of GHR Fellows. This four-year, full-tuition scholarship program provides immersive and customized business education. School of Education Thanks to a philanthropic gift, the School of Education partnered with St. Paul Public Schools to create Maxfield Elementary Collaborative Learning School. St. Thomas education students will work alongside experienced educators as they hone their craft and help classroom teachers advance their students’ learning.

Morrison Family College of Health Donors support scholarships that allow the college to enroll a diverse group of students. Because of philanthropy, the College of Health launched its whole-person health initiative to educate health providers to skillfully, compassionately and collaboratively advance the physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of their patients.


The Dougherty Family College provides students with the academic, personal and financial support to earn an associate degree and a clear pathway to achieve a four-year college degree. A $10 million anonymous gift to DFC spurred hundreds of donors to give in turn. College of Arts and Sciences & College of Engineering Philanthropy will expand STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) scholarships for students at the Schoenecker Center, which opens next year. The St. Thomas microgrid is an industry-grade microgrid housed within the Center for Microgrid Research. This hands-on teaching tool impacts all areas of the university, including the new Lee and Penny Anderson Arena. The arena will be powered by renewable energy from the microgrid, along with other sustainability efforts.

it takes a game-changer to

Dr. Yohuru Williams Founding Director, Racial Justice Initiative

Corporate partnerships

St. Thomas develops holistic, mutually beneficial relationships with corporations that drive value for them, our students, and the community. • The Alumni, Career & Corporate Engagement Center organized and hosted two on-campus career fairs. The fall and spring fairs, held in James B. Woulfe Alumni Hall, each featured more than 55 businesses, including many St. Thomas alumni who met with students. • During spring break, 17 eager Tommies embarked on a Chicago Career Trek. The group of first-year, sophomore and junior students networked, toured skyscrapers and learned firsthand about internships and postgraduation opportunities from alumni and corporations in the city.

Learn more:


Racial Justice MasterClass

The university’s Racial Justice MasterClass is a unique program for corporations and other organizations interested in advancing their work in diversity, equity and inclusion. St. Thomas is grateful to our corporate sponsors, including Kowalski’s Markets, Ryan Companies and Target, and generous individual donors for their support of the Racial Justice Initiative. Learn more:

A space with something for everyone

Anyone stepping foot on St. Thomas’ St. Paul campus can see the difference made by Lee and Penny Anderson. Fifteen years ago, their $60 million lead gift transformed the university with buildings for athletics, a student center and a parking facility. In January, they continued their unprecedented support of St. Thomas with another transformative gift. The university announced the couple’s $75 million donation to

thanks to you,

build the Lee and Penny Anderson Arena. It is St. Thomas’ largest single gift, and is the ninth largest to any Division I athletics program. Powered by renewable energy from the St. Thomas microgrid, the arena will elevate the on-campus experience for St. Thomas students as the home for commencement, events, and men’s and women’s basketball and hockey, and it will catalyze support for local and regional businesses.


don’t just leave footprints.

Tommie Give Day


A record-breaking 2,787 members of the St. Thomas community gave gifts totaling $2,036,450 on Tommie Give Day. Alumni from all graduating classes as well as parents, faculty, staff, students and friends of the university came together for scholarships, academic programs, student life and athletics.


Inspired by generosity, donors unlocked Tommie Give Day challenges offered by the Board of Trustees and friends of the university and doubled their dollars given. More than 650 parents, grandparents and other family members gave in the first-ever Tommie Parent Impact Challenge offered by members of the Parent and Family Philanthropic Council. Learn more:

2,787 TOMMIE GIVE DAY DONORS (all-time record)

Thoughtful Giving. A Positive Difference.

We are very grateful for donors like you, who provide the resources necessary for our students to access an education that transforms their lives and gives them the means to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond. Your generosity is truly appreciated. This report recounts the many ways you are making a positive impact on St. Thomas students. In today’s competitive, diverse and global workforce, graduates need to stand out, and a degree from St. Thomas continues to put them on the path to success. Your philanthropy plays a key role in enhancing our academic excellence and providing critical scholarship aid, making a St. Thomas education accessible to all. Because of you, St. Thomas offers innovative academic programs that prepare students for success in an ever-changing world. Thank you for helping to fulfill our mission to serve the common good, which has a real impact on our students and their communities.


Erik J. Thurman Vice President University Advancement

the power of your GIVING ADDS UP

GIFTS RAISED $130,622,894

Cash/Outright 8.1%

Planned Gifts 14.2%

Pledges 77.7%


Friends 15%

Parents 25%

Organizations 7%

Alumni 53%


Scholarships 15%

Academic Programming and Other 20%

Unrestricted Giving 1%

Capital Improvements 65% * * includes Lee and Penny Anderson Arena

(July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023)

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