Impact of Philanthropy Report FY23

This is just the beginning

The story of St. Thomas is a story of real-world impact. Since 1885, we have maximized our impact by charting our own path, not chasing trends. As we move toward realizing our aspiration to be a nationally recognized Catholic university with global impact, we know we will not be able to achieve it by replicating what other universities did 10 or 20 years ago. Instead, we will maintain our distinctive St. Thomas charism: an unshakeable focus on what the common good requires of us today and will require of us in the future. Or, as our founder memorably put it, we will “seek no backward voyage across the sea of time,” for St. Thomas “will ever press forward.” It has been a tremendous year for the University of St. Thomas on that trajectory. We’ve navigated leadership transitions, taken stock in a post-pandemic world, launched the Susan S. Morrison School of Nursing, received an anonymous $10 million gift for the Dougherty Family College, continued construction on the STEAM-centered Schoenecker Center, announced the Lee and Penny Anderson Arena, and so much more. But none of this would matter without our students. Our number one priority is to be wise and faithful stewards of the confidence they have shown in St. Thomas. That is why broadening access to a St. Thomas education remains our top fundraising priority and you will see throughout this report the impact of your philanthropy on scholarships. We are deeply grateful to those who have allowed us to expand our capacity to make an impact on our students’ lives and to help St. Thomas reach higher. The mission of the University of St. Thomas has a remarkable capacity to inspire because it calls us to a reality that is bigger than ourselves. As we reach ever further, every gift, no matter the size, helps enhance the student experience, increases opportunities for faculty, and widens our circle of impact. St. Thomas has been changing lives since 1885, but I firmly believe that we’re just getting started, and our best days are ahead.

Rob Vischer President

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