Sustainability Plan


Since 2008, Facilities Management has completed over 200 sustainability projects in support of this commitment. · Continuous retrofitting of inefficient lighting to LED or more efficient fluorescent lighting · Installed lighting occupancy sensors throughout our buildings · Installed three solar array systems on building rooftops, producing 90.5 kW of electricity · Anderson Student Center achieved LEED Gold® certification for building design and construction · Significant upgrades, replacements and process technology improvements for our systems of HVAC, steam handling, water heating and seasonal boiler usage · Increased recycling rates from wastes produced on campus by 6% · Diverted our solid waste disposal from landfills to incineration for electrical generation

Building a better tomorrow Building structures and land management have substantial impacts on the health and well-being of the people on this campus, and on the planet. They are costly to maintain and operate, utilize resources and generate waste. Due to this, Facilities Management must act as good stewards to protect the environment through sustainable practices. The Facilities Management team will continue to support sustainability goals by implementing energy efficiency strategies, constructing LEED-certified buildings and practicing sustainable operations in the maintenance and support of our building structures and land. The result of these actions will support our commitment to carbon neutrality, improve our sustainability performance rating as measured by our STARS reports, and create a culture that prioritizes ethical and responsible use of Earth’s limited resources. Cornerstones of Sustainability Facilities Management has been growing our sustainable operations and best practices over the past 25 years. Since the signing of the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, the university has reduced carbon emissions by 37%.



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