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admissible hearsay Overheard in and around the University of St. Thomas School of Law

“There are still people who will critique this policy and I am one of them.” PROFESSOR RACHEL MORAN IN AN INTERVIEW WITH KARE 11 NEWS ABOUT THE CITY OF MINNEAPOLIS’ NEW NO-KNOCK WARRANT POLICY.

“A core principle of inclusive leadership is prioritizing faith over fear. That means having faith in what we can build together rather than fearing we will lose something by emphasizing diversity.” DR. ARTIKA TYNER ‘06 J.D., ‘10 MA, ‘12 EDD IN AN INTERVIEW WITH WESTLAW TODAY ABOUT HOW LEGAL PROFESSIONALS CAN BECOME MORE INCLUSIVE LEADERS AND BUILD MORE DIVERSE LAW FIRMS. “We could conceivably amend the Constitution – well, Constitutions (both state and federal) – and seek safety by denying bail entirely for a broad swath of low and mid-level offenses. The cost in liberty, though, and the shredding of the presumption of innocence, is too high a cost.” PROFESSOR MARK OSLER IN A STAR TRIBUNE OP-ED ABOUT WHY REFORMING BAIL POLICIES WILL NOT END VIOLENT CRIME. “We need to transform society in very specific ways, and our Catholic values, our social tradition, our intellectual Catholic tradition, I think can serve us very well in these areas. So, my invitation to all of you that are in the professions, is to look at what we’re doing with a little bit of a different perspective. Understanding that we can make a significant difference.” UNIVERSITY EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT AND PROVOST DR. EDDY ROJAS AT THE LAW SCHOOL’S SPRING MISSION ROUNDTABLE EVENT.

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