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St. Joseph Business Guild

That’s certainly been their own family’s experience. “Our realtor is from the guild, our insurance agent is from the guild, we did some photo headshots for one of the guild members and now we’re using them for some financial planning … Now that we’re homeowners too, I have an extra keen eye of wanting to support other Catholic businesses as often as I can.” A HIGHER STANDARD Nestor Arguello is a real estate agent, as well as a part-time program coordinator for the Center for Catholic Studies’ Habiger Institute Latino Scholars. “I love the service that [real estate work] offers,” he says. He’s intentional about getting to know each client well so he can help themmake a good decision about buying or selling a home.

As a guild member, he values the expectation of excellence that comes with promoting himself as a Catholic professional. “You’re putting a target on your back,” he says. “To perform at a higher standard of excellence, of professionalism, of faith and understanding.” He’s had a number of clients who chose him because they wanted a Catholic realtor – which initially surprised him. “I never thought that my clients would think to themselves when looking for a realtor, ‘First I’m looking for a Catholic’ … But it was something that some of my clients have said, ‘I wanted someone who had Catholic values.’ Their assumption is if you’re promoting yourself as a Catholic you are going to be ethical, you’re going to not create loopholes.”

Habiger Institute Latino Scholars pro- gram coordinator and real estate agent Nestor Arguello, pictured above giving a presentation for first-time homebuyers.

He appreciates the support of a group that holds itself to that standard. “There’s something spiritual that’s being gained through those meetings, through encountering other businesspeople, even if they are other realtors, people who would be my competition. I appreciate seeing other people who are like-minded who are going to serve people.”

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