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Senior Design Clinic

The Engineering Senior Design Clinic challenges students to create novel solutions to engineering problems posed by industry and community partners. This course is a critical component of the St. Thomas engineering curriculum as it requires student teams to engage hands-on with real-world design problems and to gain skills in professionalism, communication and project management, all while applying their engineering knowledge. Projects are selected from a broad range of partners to match varying student interest, from multinational corporations looking for fresh ideas to entrepreneurial ventures hoping to take a prototype to the next level.


LANDFILL GAS REMEDIATION AND REUSE Managing gas from decomposing waste in landfills is critical for safety and the environment. Students are working with Burns & McDonnell to design a landfill gas remediation system to address gas migration and reuse the landfill gas for an alternative energy project. WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY FOR HEALTH MONITORING AND DIAGNOSTIC PURPOSES Students are involved in designing a smart bra with optical sensors for cancer detection in partnership with Holovisions in Minneapolis. This bra may enable early detection of breast cancer without the exposure to ionizing radiation and the discomfort/pain of current imaging techniques. NORTH MINNESOTA COMMUNITY RESILIENCY HUB Students are working with Renewable Energy Partners on the largest community-based microgrid project in the state. The team will provide recommendations on how to support power optimization using battery backups and switched loads, a first step in the journey toward a resilient power grid.

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