SOE Engineer Magazine_Sept 2022 update

COLLABORATIVE ENVIRONMENT WITH MULTIPLE DISCIPLINES, INCLUDING COMMUNICATION AND THE ARTS Designed with input from various corporate industry partners, the center will foster more collaboration among students who otherwise may not have worked together in a typical university setting. The facility is built to be adaptable and ready for use in several different conditions, flexible enough to continue to evolve as further emerging technologies are implemented, and supportive of student collaborations and research across campus. The community spaces may host local K-12 schools, community gatherings and STEM and music partnerships. “When you pull together these different fields, you can tell different stories, you can invent new things,” said AnnMarie Thomas, a professor of engineering and entrepreneurship and director of the Playful Learning Lab.

STUDENT-CENTERED DESIGN The Schoenecker Center’s open floor design will put learning on display, which, in addition to the complex’s flexible collaboration spaces, will help students to grow their appreciation of other disciplines. Setting up our students to thrive in an increasingly globalized world, where employers want culturally competent workers who can appreciate and navigate diverse stories and viewpoints, is critical.

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