SOE Engineer Magazine_Sept 2022 update

A s one of the youngest engineering programs in the nation, we are building something truly special here in Minnesota.

ADVANCED SQUARE FOOTAGE DEDICATED TO ENGINEERING The Schoenecker Center will provide more than 60,000 square feet of new labs, classrooms, offices, and collaboration spaces transforming how the School of Engineering collaborates with partners across campus and educates students in engineering. The design of the space will increase the agility of the engineering department for course offerings and allow for more experiments in areas such as sustainability, robotics, and energy. The high bay (pictured above) will be an area for complex large-scale experimental research, student demonstrations that supplement conceptual lecture content, and student engineering design competitions. This space will provide a facility where students can see the scales in action, work with the materials as they behave in their built environment and gain an appreciation, through hands-on work, of the implications of their design choices.

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