Grad Music Course Catalog 2023



AFRICAN MUSIC ENSEMBLE GMUS 671 (2 credits) Sowah Mensah June 20-23 (No Class June 19) | 9 a.m.-2 p.m. CRN: 30092 Study of traditional African music (Ghanaian culture) through music performance. Performance of chants, songs, music for social and festive occasions, and other vocal and instrumental examples selected from a variety of styles. Classes will focus on learning the music so that students will be able to teach it to their own students. Instrumental music will include drumming, xylophone (gyil or Orff) music and adenkum (gourd stamping tube). All instruments provided except flute and CDs, which can be purchased in class. DALCROZE MUSICIANSHIP Musicianship development based on the Dalcroze approach. Study of eurhythmics (training the body in rhythm and dynamics), solfege (training the ear, eye and voice in pitch, melody and harmony using fixed- do), improvisation (combining eurhythmics and solfege according to the students’ own invention – in movement, with the voice, on an instrument) and methods (application tools for the classroom and studio). LATIN AMERICAN MUSIC GMUS 537 (1 credit) Anthony De Quattro, DMA July 3-7 (No Class July 4) | 1:30 p.m.-4:45 p.m. CRN: 30300 Participants will be guided through musical experiences that cover selected musical cultures and genres from throughout Latin America including Puerto Rican plena, Mexican son jarocho, Dominican merengue, and Brazilian samba. This hands-on workshop is appropriate for vocal and instrumental educators who teach at the elementary, middle, or high school level. SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS CERTIFICATION IN WORLD MUSIC PEDAGOGY GMUS 651 (3 credits) Kathy Thomsen, DMA June 12-23 (No Class June 19) 8:45 a.m.-1 p.m. CRN: 30255

ED.D. IN LEADERSHIP WITH A CONCENTRATION IN MUSIC EDUCATION ADMISSION DEADLINES Early consideration: Nov. 15 July cohort: March 15 MASTER OF ARTS IN MUSIC EDUCATION • Choral concentration • Instrumental concentration • Kodály concentration

• Orff Schulwerk concentration • Piano pedagogy concentration ADMISSION DEADLINES Summer term: April 1 Fall term: July 1 Spring term: Dec. 1 Applications accepted on a rolling basis

CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS AND OTHER PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT • Kodály certificate program, OAKE-endorsed • Orff Schulwerk certificate program, AOSA-approved • Piano Pedagogy certificate • Teaching World Music certificate • Eurhythmics certificate • Nondegree studies – more than 50 courses and workshops are offered year-round to facilitate lifelong learning opportunities for music education practitioners. TUITION Our tuition rate is $664 per credit. For more information visit: Music courses at the University of St. Thomas are designed for professional music educators who wish to strengthen their classroom teaching effectiveness by combining theoretical and applied study. Internationally recognized educators and musicians – many of whom teach in elementary and secondary schools – serve as faculty for this graduate program. Our work encourages a continual process of music education reform. We initiate programs that address practitioners’ musical, intellectual, and professional needs. We value classroom practice, theory and research equally in our quest to improve the quality of music education.

GMUS 536 (3 credits) Karen Howard, PhD June 26-30 | 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. CRN: 30122


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