Grad Music Course Catalog 2023


HOW DO I PAY TUITION AND FEES? Tuition payments are handled through the St. Thomas website. NEED HOUSING? Limited on-campus housing is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Indicate your interest in your application. If already enrolled at St. Thomas, email us for the 2023 housing rate and a housing request form. CAMPUS See our campus map at

APPLICATION AND REGISTRATION https://link.stthomas. edu/applytogradmusic

Degree, Non-Degree, and Certificate Program applications can all be accessed using the QR code


Contact or call 651-962-5850. Visit our website at

There are NO application fees.

Details of all courses are subject to change. Courses may be cancelled if under-enrolled.

DEGREE / NON-DEGREE / AUDIT – What’s the difference? Degree

For students who have met all application requirements and are seeking a MAME degree in the Graduate Music Department. Non-Degree This option may be of interest to students with a desire to pursue graduate study but not necessarily obtain a degree. Enrolling in one or more courses at the non-degree status will provide contact with faculty members and an opportunity to evaluate whether the program’s offerings match a student’s needs, interests, and abilities. Up to six (6) credits taken as a non-degree student may be applied if a student decides to enroll in the full MAME program. Audit 2- or 3-credit courses may be audited. Auditors pay reduced tuition rates based on a percentage formula. If a student audits a class, they cannot receive graduate credit. Students who audit Kodály or Orff Schulwerk Levels are still eligible to receive the Certificate if they audit the courses.

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