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DIRECTED RESEARCH GMUS 876 (0 credits) CRN: 30104 Graduate Music Education Faculty The only occasions students register for GMUS 876 are when: 1. They have selected Designs Four or Five and are in the first semester of the process (see individual Design Four or Design Five Guidelines), or 2. When they are in a “hold” mode of not working with their advisors for a term and thus are registered for GMUS 876-99. a. Students will not be assessed the one-credit tuition fee for a semester in which they are not working with their advisor but instead will register for GMUS 876-99 ($75 fee assessed) during these terms. b. GMUS 876-99 terms are limited to one per student. c. For students completing Designs Four or Five, GMUS 876 and GMUS 890 cannot be interspersed with a section 99 without approval from the advisor and director of GPME. Students enroll in the section of GMUS 876 matching the project advisor’s name. If not working with an advisor, register for section 99.

APPLIED PERFORMANCE STUDIES GMUS 570-593 (1 credit) Twelve 50-minute individual lessons: 1 cr.; twelve 30-minute individual lesson: 1 cr. Arrange individual lessons with the instructor BEFORE registering. Specify the instructor and duration of lessons on the course registration form or send an email to to inquire about instructor availability and contact information.

GMUS 570 Harpsichord GMUS 571 Piano GMUS 572 Lute GMUS 573 Recorder GMUS 574 Voice GMUS 575 Organ GMUS 576 Flute GMUS 577 Oboe GMUS 578 Clarinet GMUS 579 Bassoon GMUS 580 Saxophone GMUS 581 Trumpet

GMUS 582 French Horn GMUS 583 Trombone GMUS 584 Euphonium GMUS 585 Tuba GMUS 586 Percussion GMUS 587 Violin GMUS 588 Viola GMUS 589 Cello GMUS 590 Double Bass GMUS 591 Guitar GMUS 592 Harp GMUS 593 Composition

MA FINAL PROJECT GMUS 890 (1 credit) Graduate Music Education Faculty

HOW TO REGISTER FOR COURSES Active students: All students with an active St. Thomas identification number register for courses through Murphy Online. New to the University of St. Thomas or inactive identification number: Complete the registration form on the back inside cover and send it in as directed on the upper-right corner. You can also

Students enroll in the section of GMUS 890 (and 876 in the cases of Designs Four and Five) matching the project advisor’s name during the semester they write and complete their projects.

access the registration form online:

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