2025 Strategic Plan

ONGOING PRIORITIES Promote and Leverage Our Comprehensive Academic Excellence •• The strong reputations of our professional schools, including the Opus College of Business, School of Engineering and School of Law, along with a solid liberal arts foundation and programs anchored in the College of Arts and Sciences, uniquely position St. Thomas as a comprehensive university, growing in prominence and rankings. Through enrollment growth, relevant programs that fill workforce demands, innovative delivery modes, and distinctive faculty and curriculum, promotion of our professional schools will help St. Thomas expand its reputation for academic excellence and achieve top rankings. Retain and Attract World-Class Talent ••• We will retain, attract and develop top talent, ensuring that our employees experience a sense of belonging, feel valued for their contributions and can flourish. We will modernize and align our human resources, finance and hiring functions to optimize efficiencies and reward talent. We will offer relevant professional development opportunities to help employees thrive. Prepare Educators to Dismantle Disparities •• The School of Education will exemplify St. Thomas’ deep commitment to reaching and serving underrepresented young people who deserve access to an equitable education as it prepares teachers to be a force for justice in classrooms and in our community. Our founder, Archbishop John Ireland, opened St. Thomas to educate underserved immigrants and eliminate barriers to their success. One hundred thirty-five years later, by developing a lab school, we will model ways of dismantling disparities and ensuring that all children receive a high-quality education. Expand Pathways through the Dougherty Family College ••• Dougherty Family College will set the standard for academic preparation of traditionally underrepresented students by achieving high retention and graduation rates and by creating pathways for students to earn a four-year degree. We will design and develop preparation for majors in STEM, business and health professions. We will build students’ professional competency and help them become transformative community leaders. Illuminate Our Mission and Charism ••

We will illuminate the charism of St. Thomas and fully embrace our Catholic mission to educate for the common good. Through collaborations with global Catholic organizations and work in our classrooms, we will help our students embrace a lifelong commitment to serving others as principled leaders. We will serve students of all faiths and engage alumni and other community members by offering ways to deepen their spirituality.

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