ThreeSixty Journalism

Gwynnevere Vang, 2022 ThreeSixty Scholar and inaugural The New York Times Corps member Vang (she/her) joined ThreeSixty in summer 2020, participated in journalism classes at Tartan High School and published the school’s Plaid Press. Vang said winning the scholarship is a big honor for her as well as her family. “I’m the first grandchild in my family to go to college, and with a full-tuition scholarship, so it sets the bar for succession and motivation for the younger generations.”

“I will never forget the way ThreeSixty Journalism helped me find and refine my voice as a young Black woman and a developing writer.” Ayo Olagbaju, ThreeSixty alum and 2021 Dow Jones News Fund Scholar

“ThreeSixty Journalism was the start of a journey for me. Thinking about how far I have come as a writer and journalist with the program is amazing, but the connections and relationships I’ve built are even more valuable.” Zekriah Chaudhry, 2018 ThreeSixty Scholar, St. Thomas class of 2022

E SIXTY “Diversity and equity in journalism are key to improving the livelihood of underreported and misrepresented communities. Accurately reporting the stories around me is what pushes me to a career in journalism.” Faaya Adem, ThreeSixty alum; 2022 Dow Jones News Fund Scholar; and member, inaugural The New York Times Corps

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