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The Journal of the Catholic Studies Movement By KATHRYN WEHR

Leadership Interns: Christ-Centered Leaders T hirteen years into the Catholic Studies project, 12 students began informal meetings once a month to explore the roots of Christ-centered By NANCY SANNERUD

T he importance of a sustained encounter with the claims of Catholic thought and culture has never been more important. Springing from Catholic Studies' commitment to contribute to national and international developments in Catholic higher education, we began publishing Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture in 1997. Since then, Logos has served as an interdisciplinary meeting point for scholars to publish their finest work and for readers to remain engaged in the beauty, truth, and vitality of Christianity as it is rooted in and shaped by Catholicism. While Logos has fewer than 400 individual print edition subscribers, we set a new Logos record in 2022 with more than 18,000 full-text hits on Project Muse – that is, people accessing

on to exercise influence throughout the country in a variety of vocations, professions and mission- driven nonprofits. “ Leadership Interns created space for me to ponder what it means to radically live for Christ while working and living in the world.” – Katy Shimp ’22 Through years of articulating and refining a vision of Christ-centered leadership in this unique program, the book True Leadership was published in 2015. It is a concise treatise outlining the five principles of true Christian leadership properly ordered: faith, character, vocation, gifts and skills. This starting point allows students to respond to God’s call by placing their gifts and skills at the service of the Gospel, preparing them to exert an influence in the world that moves it toward the goodness which belongs to his kingdom. 

a full article digitally through their institution’s library. Project Muse is a database run by the Johns Hopkins University Press, and academic and public libraries subscribe to get access to thousands of journals, including ours.

leadership. Since then, more than 285 students have participated in what has become the Leadership Interns Program, a two-year commitment for juniors and seniors within the Habiger Institute for Catholic Leadership. In the beginning, interns planned and coordinated guest speakers and activities that contributed to the greater good of the Catholic Studies and St. Thomas communities, keeping the most committed students involved in the life of Sitzmann Hall. As the program evolved, interns met more frequently and interest in the program grew. Each year a select group was chosen to exercise leadership skills among their peers, eventually establishing other campus programs such as Catholic Edge (now Tommie Catholic) and St. Thomas Street Ministry. The program now includes a fall retreat, a spring institute, and regular interaction with business and Church leaders, as well as inspiring St. Thomas alumni. Graduates from the program have gone


Academic researchers, students writing undergraduate essays and graduate dissertations, and general readers around the world. It is interesting to note that only 37% of our Project Muse readers are in the U.S., with roughly another third in the rest of the English-speaking world and a final third where English is not the first language. 



 Catholic Studies celebrates 20 years. Cardinal Timothy Dolan serves as the keynote speaker at the celebration.

 The Murphy Scholars Program is established, contributing to the Murphy Institute’s programming and providing opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual development.

 The first major addition to Sitzmann Hall commences, adding a chapel, classroom and additional offices for faculty and staff.

 The first Monte Casino Night is held for faculty, staff and students. As a play on both the famous

gambling house in Europe and the Italian Benedictine monastery, this favorite event features card games and karaoke.

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