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Representing St. Thomas “When we started Catholic Studies 30 years ago, we began fostering the relationship between theology, philosophy and literature, and their relationships to the professions,” Naughton said. “Engineering is a technical field that has increasing significance in our culture,” Naughton said. “If engineering is going to humanize the world, it has to be guided by deeper human convictions and principles.” Naughton and Weinkauf consider the Mission of the Engineer a signature course for St. Thomas.

“There’s something special about a course that’s attempting to foster this interdisciplinary dialogue that can get so easily lost in a highly specialized university,” Naughton said. “The Mission of the Engineer course includes tools and experiences that, at most institutions, are denied in the experience,” Weinkauf said. “A course like this represents St. Thomas and our identity. These elements of our education are the yeast, not the frosting; they represent the integration of faith and reason, which is the essence of a St. Thomas education.”

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