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Senior Design Clinic

THE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING SENIOR DESIGN CLINIC challenges students to create novel solutions to engineering problems posed by industry and community partners. This course is a critical component of the St. Thomas engineering curriculum as it requires student teams to engage hands-on with real-world design problems and to gain skills in professionalism, communication and project management, all while applying their engineering knowledge. Projects are selected from a broad range of partners to match varying student interest, from multinational corporations looking for fresh ideas to entrepreneurial ventures hoping to take a prototype to the next level.


EMBOLIC PARTICLE TEST METHOD Atrial fibrillation is a heart condition that affects millions of adults in the U.S. and causes increased risk of blood clots and stroke. Boston Scientific’s Watchman family of devices is an implanted device that can reduce the risk of stroke for these patients. A team of St. Thomas students is designing a test method that Boston Scientific engineers will use to quantify future design changes to the Watchman device. STREAM-STAGE SENSORS FOR MONITORING As the first St. Thomas group to incorporate one student from each major discipline (civil, computer, electrical and mechanical), the task is to design a remote-operated stream-gauge sensor for the Minnesota Department of Transportation. This bridge-mounted sensor will provide more accurate and current information about flooding events across the state allowing for better allocation of resources and communication to the public on safety hazards due to flood events.

AUTOMATED SUPPORT WHEEL FOR RV Winnebago offers an array of drivable and towable RVs. A team of St. Thomas students is developing an automated support system for improving the user experience with the towable RV setup. This will consist of automated deployment, retraction and leveling systems to make the parking and positioning process simple and efficient for all users.

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