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John Boyle received high praise for his most recent book The Order and Division of Divine Truth: St. Thomas Aquinas as Scholastic Master of the Sacred Pag e (Emmaus Academic, 2021). Theologian, author and speaker Dr. Scott Hahn, Franciscan University of Steubenville, says, like Thomas Aquinas “... Boyle writes not only for fellow scholars but for the faithful who share his desire to reach into the depths of Sacred Scripture, under the guidance of a great master.” In his foreword, Father Romanus Cessario, O.P., maintains, “... Professor Boyle has become a mainstay the world over for Aquinas studies.”

St. Thomas Vice President for Mission and Catholic Studies Advisory Board Member Christopher Collins ’93, SJ , has published Habits of Freedom: 5 Ignatian Tools for Clearing Your Mind and Resting Daily in the Lord . In the book, Collins offers practical spiritual exercises for incorporating five tools into daily life to help readers experience the calming presence of Jesus. “If you turn your heart to God you will find clarity and spiritual peace,” Collins says. Collins’ latest book was published by Ave Maria Press, and it was written for use in prayer and for parish groups seeking practical material that speaks broadly to readers from a variety of backgrounds and seasons of life.

Dr. Erika Kidd recently published a book chapter “Book IV: Fugitive Beauty” in Augustine’s Confessions and Contemporary Concerns , edited by Father David Meconi, SJ (Saint Paul Seminary Press, 2022). The chapter is a study of Augustine’s love of created beauty in Book 4 of the Confessions. She also published a journal article “Grief, Memory, and the Order of Love” in Studia Patristica CXVI, Vol. 13 (2021) about Augustine’s grief over his mother’s death. Kidd was invited to participate in the Portsmouth Institute for Faith and Culture Summer Virtual Conference last June and gave a short talk, “Medicine, Loss, and Christian Love.” In November, she presented “All in the Family: Learning and Laughter in Augustine’s De magistro ” at the American Catholic Philosophical Association Annual Meeting at St. Louis University. And in December, Kidd gave an Advent talk, “Mary’s Other Yes,” via Zoom for CSMA.

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