School of Engineering New Student Guide

? REQUENTLY asked QUESTIONS WHEN SHOULD I MEET WITH MY ADVISER? St. Thomas has many wonderful opportunities for our engineering students that your adviser can point out to you, so we suggest you meet with your adviser right away. He or she will be happy to talk with you about your course selections, goals, career path options and other possibilities during your time here. WHAT LANGUAGE SHOULD I TAKE? St. Thomas requires all students to learn a language. St. Thomas has several languages to choose from; there isn’t a bad choice in the bunch. Based on your career path and study abroad options, you may want, for example, to take Italian before going abroad for the J-Term Engineering in Rome course. Other languages that are popular for engineers are Spanish, German, French and Arabic. Feel free to ask your adviser for more information on the best choice for your plan of study. If you have taken a language in high school or speak a second language in your home, you may be able to test out of all or part of this requirement. We suggest taking this placement exam as soon as possible, either in your first semester or even over the summer before you start in the fall. WHAT KIND OF COMPUTER SHOULD I BUY? It is suggested that each student own a laptop or tablet style computer. We do not suggest any specific brand, but we do strongly suggest a Windows OS/PC over a Macintosh/Apple (some of the most used engineering applications will only work with a Windows operating system). Recommended build: Quad Core 1.8GHz i7 processor (Dual Core 2.7GHz i5 at minimum), 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD (256GB HDD at minimum) and a discrete graphics card (256MB integrated or Intel HD video graphics at a minimum). A multiyear warranty with accidental damage protection is recommended. Questions – contact us at or go to engcomputerhelp for more information. WHAT SHOULD TRANSFER STUDENTS KNOW? The School of Engineering welcomes transfer students. To make the transition process as easy as possible, we are happy to help you select classes at your current institution so you know what will transfer to the University of St. Thomas. We also have many resources for financial aid, transcript review and information for veterans. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have about coming to St. Thomas. Questions? Contact Dr. Jenny Holte, an engineering professor and our engineering transfer coordinator, at or (651) 962-5763.


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