School of Engineering New Student Guide

S The Engineering Senior Design Clinic is one of the best experiences you will have as a St. Thomas engineering student. This two-semester course is a critical component of the St. Thomas engineering curriculum. It requires student teams to engage hands-on with real-world engineering problems. Students are challenged to create a novel solution to engineering problems posed by an organization. You and your team of fellow students work face to face with engineers and business unit leaders from your organization sponsor. You will take the project from the concept to a working prototype or design. The teams frequently come up with new intellectual property as a part of the projects, which occasionally includes patents. Senior engineering students choose what they want to work on for the year from a range of project options. Some students want to be paired with a big company while others want the experience of working with a start-up. Still others may choose experiential global learning as a part of their research. It all ends with an afternoon to show off your work to family, friends, faculty and industry leaders. enior Design Clinic

It was a lot of work but incredibly rewarding. All the engineers here are very grateful for this real- world experience … and the chance to have an impact outside of St. Thomas while we’re still here. -Emily Whitwam ‘18, mechanical engineering


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