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With St. Thomas’ unique peace engineering minor you can collaborate with those experiencing injustices throughout the world to develop innovative and sustainable solutions that can empower communities worldwide. The integrative program brings the social analysis of justice and peace studies together with the technical skills of engineering to find the best way for our engineers to promote the common good. You might work on projects such as: • Energy and water resources • Aid of technology in areas of conflict or natural disaster • Public safety in engineering decisions • Agricultural tools to fight poverty and hunger eace Engineering


SHREDDER FOR THE DEVELOPINGWORLD A group of engineering seniors designed a shredder that enables plentiful breadfruit to be made into flour.


ast Track Master’s and other graduate degree options

ENGINEERING AND SOFTWARE MASTER’S DEGREE OPTIONS AT ST. THOMAS It may seem too early to look into graduate programs when you are just starting your undergraduate career. That said, we believe you will be surprised at how fast the years here will fly by. Tommie engineers go on to study for advanced degrees all over the world. However, right here, the St. Thomas School of Engineering offers many master’s degrees as well as a variety of graduate certificates designed to meet the diverse needs of industry and working professionals. As a Tommie, your application fee for our master’s programs is waived. Talk to your adviser about the option of a five-year master’s track. We host regular graduate program information sessions that are listed on our website ( Talk to your adviser about the option of a five-year master’s track, earning both a BS and a MS in five years (saving time and money)! Electrical Engineering Manufacturing Engineering Mechanical Engineering

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