School of Engineering New Student Guide


STUDY ABROAD Engineering is a global profession, so global experience matters. And very soon we hope students can safely study abroad again. The School of Engineering provides several opportunities for you to study abroad as an engineering student while still allowing you to graduate on time. In addition, financial aid usually carries over to these study abroad programs, making themmore affordable than you might think. SEMESTER ABROAD St. Thomas offers semester abroad programs in more than 50 countries around the globe, and the Office of Study Abroad will work with you to find the best fit for your four-year plan. In addition, the School of Engineering has developed opportunities in Australia and South Korea that incorporate transferable coursework for many engineering majors. GERMAN AND ENGINEERING DUAL DEGREE PROGRAM Our five-year international program includes a full year abroad. You’ll study at a partner university in Germany for one semester followed by a semester-long paid internship in Germany. In this university-industry collaboration you earn two degrees – one in German and one in engineering – plus you graduate with globally-focused industry experience.


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