School of Engineering New Student Guide

meet TJ LEE mechanical engineering major

Hometown: River Falls, Wisconsin

Major: Mechanical engineering

Minors: Materials science and chemistry

Describe yourself in three words: Curious, hardworking and practical

Best thing about the engineering program: The professors. They care about the work you are doing and they care about you – they want you to have opportunities. Also St. Thomas is strong technically and a lot of hands-on. Where you’ll find me on a Sunday afternoon: Doing homework, spending time with my wife and watching a movie.

Something people wouldn’t know about me: My hobby is woodworking.

Favorite St. Thomas class: Well, I can’t pick – both Materials Engineering and then Manufacturing – because it is how we do things and both had excellent professors. Why St. Thomas? I started at Century College and transferred to St. Thomas after my grandfather suggested I look at the program. I appreciated the small class sizes and the transfer scholarship.


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