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Graduate Student Essay

Monsignor Terrence Murphy (r) is pictured with Archbishop Leo Byrne, coadjutor archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

upon me with ever greater clarity almost from the moment that my appointment was announced. I am increasingly aware of the extent to which the work of this college is the work of God expressed in concern for and service of others. If it is his work, then surely it must succeed.” As St. Thomas continues to grow, I hope that these archives may help inform current leaders about the great vision of our past president and his route toward future success.  ____________ 1 Murphy, Terrence. A Catholic University: Vision and Opportunities, “The Religious Mission of a Catholic University.” p. 9.

Access to these homilies and transcriptions of Murphy is a witness to his understanding of the advocacy for the partnership of religion and university. His vision is a comprehension of the integrated human person in whom faith and reason work together. Contrary to modern belief, their coexistence does not in the least cripple the open-mindedness or expansive character of the university. Rather, the unity of the Catholic vision equips it for growth, a growth that is wholesome and resilient against the brittle fault lines of separate visions. In his inaugural address, Murphy said, “I confess to you today a very personal conviction that has grown

Murphy wrote that in years of increased secularization in the classroom, it is common to see a sentiment of shyness toward engaging religiosity. But in A Catholic University , he wrote, “For too long religion has been ignored and relegated solely to the private lives of people: their moral convictions were to be left at home and not influence their lives on the job, in community endeavors, or in the relationships with other people. Such a philosophy impoverishes people’s lives and undermines the health of society. For this reason, the conviction that religion should enter the marketplace and public forum became a guiding star that set the direction of the university.” 1

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