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almost through A Framework for Understanding Poverty: A Cognitive Approach by Ruby Payne, an educator who has

Eichmann in Jerusalem , for her take on racism, complacency and

NEWBOOK RELEASE FROMCENTER DIRECTORS, THE LATE BRIEL AND NAUGHTON Former Center for Catholic Studies director the late Don J. Briel, St. Thomas Professor Emeritus Kenneth E. Goodpaster and current Center for Catholic Studies Director Michael J. Naughton recently released a new book, What We Hold in Trust . Drawing upon the rich history of the Catholic university, this book considers how universities can rediscover their deepest purpose and, as a result, best confront their current weaknesses and challenges. It aims to demonstrate the significance and efficacy of Catholic university faculty, administrators and trustees who: understand the roots of the institutions they serve; can wisely order the goods of the university, distinguishing between primary and secondary purposes; and who can distinguish fads and slogans for authentic, lasting reform. The authors claim that without a Catholic vision that is grounded philosophically, theologically, historically and institutionally, these universities may grow in size, but shrink in purpose. What We Hold in Trust will be available for purchase through The Catholic University of America Press beginning March 2021 at .

what she terms “the banality of evil” (which doesn’t mean what you might think). DR. MICHAEL NAUGHTON I recently picked up Helen Pluckrose’s and James Lindsay’s new book Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity – and Why This Harms Everybody . I found it helpful in developing a talk on “Woke Capitalism” that I was asked to deliver this fall. I am also reading Jean Leclercq’s book The Love of Learning and the Desire for God . It has been helpful in finalizing the text for my latest book collaboration, What We Hold in Trust: Rediscovering the Purpose of Catholic Higher Education .

spent her career writing about the relationship between poverty and education. DR. JOHN BOYLE In times of pressing difficulty, I turn first to the deep thinkers. And so, I have taken up Romano Guardini’s The Faith and Modern Man . He writes for those who are troubled, in doubt, anxious, wondering what they are to do, and he helps them keep hold of the deepest truths and be formed by them. I also watched John Ford’s “Fort Apache” with my wife and youngest son. It tells a story about bigotry, racism, the media and sin. DR. ERIKA KIDD I read Go Tell It on the Mountain , James Baldwin’s semiautobiographical novel of racial injustice, family, and faith in 1930s Harlem. I also watched “Jim Crow of the North,” a documentary about racial covenants and redlining in Minneapolis. Finally, I’ve been revisiting Hannah Arendt’s book

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