St. Thomas Magazine_Spring 2022

S T T H O M A S . E D U 5 2 FEATURES 24 28 32 18 20 UNIVERSITY OF ST. THOMAS MAGAZINE. Volume 38, Number 1. No part of this publication may be reprinted without written permission. Contact us at DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS/EDITOR: Sheree R. Curry ASSISTANT EDITOR: Brant Skogrand CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Pete Winecke ART DIRECTOR: John Mau DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Mark Brown CONTRIBUTORS: Kara Bradshaw / Liam James Doyle / Carol Garner / Joanne Pauley / Jamie Proulx / Andy Ybarra / Liz Zupfer PICTURED ON COVER: Dr. Martha Scheckel, founding director of the new School of Nursing, and faculty are prepared to welcome students in fall 2022. Photos by Mark Brown. 12 CREATING VIDEO GAMES TO CHANGE THE WORLD gBETA participant Jules Porter ‘18 J.D./MBA is on a mission. 17 MENTORING ENTREPRENEURS Alumni with start-ups express value of accelerator program. 18 CLEAN ENERGY EFFORTS MAKE A DIFFERENCE Professor John Abraham, PhD, discusses climate change solutions. 20 MAKING THE LEAP! Celebrating our first year in Division I athletics. 24 TOMMIE NURSES: A PLAN TO ACHIEVE HEALTH EQUITY The new School of Nursing‘s plan is in motion for fall. 28 INNOVATION GETS A BOOST A wave of federal grants is making an impact. 32 SCHOENECKER CENTER STEAM complex named for benefactor breaks new ground.

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