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I really want to see a world where all kids can see themselves as heroes.


All in all, Seraph 7 Studios, a Minnesota public benefit corporation, has raised nearly $500,000 in funding. Porter‘s St. Thomas connections helped prepare her for other “wins.“ She received $10,000 when she was named the top innovator woman of technology and $25,000 for being a top veteran- led company. She gained another $25,000 through the American Express “100 for 100“ program in partnership with iFundWomen of Color and crowdraised nearly another $30,000. She was honored as a MN Cup semifinalist and received a Finnovation Fellowship from the Bush Foundation and Finnegans Brewery & Taproom. Also, she landed the February/ March 2021 cover of Twin Cities Business magazine for being named one of “20 Minnesotans Designing the Future of Innovation.“ Porter has goals to be more than a one-hit wonder. Ultimate Elder Battle Royale is only one of several game series she is developing. Porter plans to release a different game at least every two years. She has five others already in the works, including: War in Heaven, a game in which players fight angels who rebel against God; and Harriet, a virtual reality horror survival game that puts players in the shoes of American heroine Harriet Tubman to decide whom they will trust, whom they will save, and how they will escape. n

“I have investors now valuing my company at $50 million. That‘s the true value when you consider the possibilities beyond video games: an animated series, comic books, movies,“ she said. Access to capital is one of the main challenges facing BIPOC entrepreneurs. And when it comes to Black women, they receive less than 1% of the funding doled out by venture capitalists, according to 2021 Crunchbase and ProjectDiane data cited by Forbes and Fortune magazines.

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JULES PORTER ‘18 J.D./MBA A lover of the Bible with a theology degree, J.D. and MBA, Porter named her company after the six-winged angels in the Book of Isaiah that are “shaking foundations,“ just as is Seraph 7 Studios.

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