SOL Lawyer Magazine_Fall 2021


Who is your professional hero? GALLUS: My childhood hero was Neil Armstrong as my biggest aspiration was going to the moon. That still rings true in that he was a symbol of the greatness that innovation and vision can achieve, something I take pride in helping others do in protecting their own ideas each day. LORFING: I don’t have an individual hero, but I really look up to people who are diligent, meticulous and precise in their writing, despite the economic pressure to be satisfied with “good enough.” What is a misconception about IP law and your response to it? KOTRBA: That the patent bar is a “science” exam. It is not. The patent bar focuses on the technical qualifications to be a patent attorney/agent. There is zero actual science on the patent bar. LORFING: Some people think that patent applications are geared towards “Eureka!” ideas or entirely new technology. While those exist, most of the work is directed toward improvements to existing technology. What do you wish for your practice? PEDERSON: I wish there were more hours in the day. More time for debating with colleagues, discussing with inventors and making sure everything is perfect is a wish for almost every application. GALLUS: One, to draft my own patent that is exclusively my own invention. And two, as every Minnesota patent attorney strives for, to draft the most interesting fishing or hunting gear patent to brag about to all my friends.

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