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Students listen intently during the School of Law’s new student orientation program in the Schulze Grand Atrium.

“It’s not my job as a dean to tell people what they should think,” Vischer said. “My job as dean is to help them understand the reality that we face. In whatever position they’re coming from, I do believe it’s my job to help stretch them to grow in their empathy for someone who may be coming from a different position. And that’s going to be based on the context that we’re talking about. For the pandemic, some of our students or colleagues may not be anxious at all about their own personal health because they

don’t think it’s a real danger to them. But they need to understand that there are many who are deeply anxious about their own health risks or the health risks of a loved one. “St. Thomas is trying to form lawyers who are not just excellent lawyers in the traditional sense, but who are deeply infused with moral sense and commitment to the common good,” Vischer added. “I think our mission matters now more than ever.”

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