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FACULTY FORM WORKING GROUPS ON POLICING Professors Michael Paulsen , Rachel Paulose and Rachel Moran formed a faculty working group this past summer to discuss issues around police reform. The group is focusing on issues impacting police misconduct and accountability, with a particular eye toward issues that affect communities of color. The group’s purpose is to develop and propose ideas for specific changes in legal doctrines, policies and practices related to race and policing. This summer, the St. Thomas Community Justice Project, led by Professor Carl Warren , began coordinating a working group on the topic of police brutality. The endeavor brings together students, staff and faculty to, among other things, identify and evaluate potential solutions to policies, practices and conditions that facilitate or perpetuate police brutality against Black Americans, including the disproportionate use of deadly force. The group will also share and disseminate information about possible action steps that can be taken to accomplish positive change on these issues.

Rachel Moran

Rachel Paulose

Michael Paulsen

Carl Warren

The St. Thomas Center on Race, Leadership and Social Justice has announced the creation of a Law and Public Policy Scholars program. The Center’s aim is to work with an emerging diverse scholar each year to produce innovative and cutting-edge research on civil rights and human rights issues, with a goal to inspire the scholars to become practitioner- scholars in faculty and teaching roles. CENTER ON RACE, LEADERSHIP AND SOCIAL JUSTICE ESTABLISHES SCHOLARS PROGRAM

Darlene Fry

Dr. Darlene Fry ‘02 EdD , executive director of the Minnesota-based Irreducible Grace Foundation, was selected as the program’s first scholar. Last year, Fry and the Center’s founder and director, Dr. Artika Tyner ’06 J.D., ’10 MA, ’12 EdD , collaborated on the journal article, “Iron Shackles to Invisible Chains: Breaking the Binds of Collateral Consequences,” which has been published by the University of Baltimore Law Review. The program’s next Law and Public Policy Scholar is alumna, artist, lawyer and entrepreneur Tisidra Jones ‘12 J.D.

Tisidra Jones

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