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“We are more than

just our body.”

to serve the Body of Christ. “Our vocation,” says Huss, “is to love the people God has put in front of us. We don’t need to complicate it any more than that.” More information about Siena and Co., along with a link to Catherine Huss’ Kickstarter account, can be found at Championing motherhood Discerning her future in adoration, Lizzy Thibault began creating a list of all her gifts, no matter how insignificant or bizarre, and asked herself, “In what vocation or in what way can these serve him?” When she first heard of postpartum doulas, she knew she had found her calling. “I saw a need and wanted to fill it,” she says. Having graduated from St. Thomas in 2019 with a degree in Catholic studies and a minor in philosophy, Thibault completed her training through Modern Doula Education and became a self-employed postpartum doula this year. Thibault describes the role of a doula enthusiastically. The term refers to a person who helps and supports a mother around the time of childbirth. Most common are birth doulas, who assist in the process of birth itself. Postpartum doulas, on the other hand, provide physical, emotional and practical

to complement a wide variety of body types, which required Huss to rework aspects of her original designs after trying them on models of different shapes and sizes. When it comes to the fit of her swimsuits, Huss highlights the phrase “confident coverage and fit.” “As women, we have so many things going against us to really thrive and be ourselves and who God created us to be,” she says. “Finding clothing that helps us feel confident and our best selves is important.” On the one hand, coverage is about presenting ourselves in a way that honors the dignity and worth of ourselves and others. But at the same time, it is a wonderfully practical approach. The wearer can swim freely, play beach volleyball, and run after kids without worrying about her suit riding up or slipping down. Huss’ suits allow women to function in the world – not just look beautiful. “We are more than just our body,” she says. But these are no dowdy bathing costumes. There is an undeniable beauty to Siena and Co.’s sleek, elegant designs. The styles are designed to be flattering and

to fit well “holistically” – not over- accentuating any one part of the body. When it came to sourcing materials, Huss sought fabrics that were made from recycled materials. She is proud of the fact that her suits are sustainably made, a response to God’s call to be good stewards of the Earth. Even more importantly, she wanted to ensure that everyone working on her suits was treated with dignity. Her suits are sewn in factories where all workers – the majority of whom are Latina – receive a fair wage and work in a healthy environment. Siena and Co. officially launched in July with a Kickstarter campaign (an online platform that allows customers to preorder products before they are produced). Huss’ next steps involve collecting feedback from these initial customers andmaking any necessary improvements to her suits. Reflecting on her Catholic studies degree, Huss notes two ways that the Catholic mindset has influenced her: by impelling her to put the dignity of the human person at the center of all decisions and by inspiring her to use her unique gifts

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