St. Thomas Racial Justice Initiative

HISTORICAL RECOVERY AS THE PATHWAY TO JUSTICE For racial justice to truly take hold, we must first understand the historical roots of the injustices that have contributed to the present moment. For many of us, this will be different from the history we learned in school. Dr. Williams focuses on this historical recovery and how it can illuminate the underpinnings of racism and offer insight into new interventions aimed at dismantling harmful systems.

The Racial Justice Initiative is centered on the process of historical

recovery as a foundational step to making change and eradicating barriers. The primary focus will be adult education. By educating community members on

historical recovery, we can engage in critical conversations to begin sharing best practices and addressing community issues.

“Dismantling racism is one way that St. Thomas is fulfilling its Catholic commitment to ensuring the dignity of every human being. Through the Racial Justice Initiative and Dr. Williams’ leadership and ability to unite people, we are

“With the moment in front of us now, there is a tremendous opportunity to see the Twin Cities as a laboratory for change. Here in Minnesota, if we can think creatively, engage broadly, and partner with humility concerning the work we must all do together, we can make a big impact.” – Dr. Yohuru Williams

committed to driving meaningful change in our community.”

– Dr. Julie Sullivan

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