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Name: Jeremy Ziemer ‘21

Hometown: Lakeville, Minnesota Major:

Computer engineering and I am considering a minor in either computer science or electrical engineering …or both. What are you researching:

Bringing the Internet of Things to a small immigrant farm near the Twin Cities. I am designing the implementation of low-cost sensor platforms and automated control systems to add instrumentation and robust control to new high-tunnels erected on the Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA) farm. This will help them grow their crops more effectively and efficiently. Describe yourself in three words: Calm, competitive, innovative. Where to find you on a Sunday afternoon: Hanging with my friends, and then I usually go to Vespers. Something most people wouldn’t know: I am an instructor at the Dakota Curling Club. If you had the chance to have lunch with any three people you wish, who would you invite? Mark Cuban for his business expertise; George Washington to hear his thoughts on his decisions; and Steph Curry as I am a basketball fan and his focus on God

is in the right spot. Why St. Thomas:

I picked St. Thomas for the small class sizes, being near a big city, I liked the tour, and the Engineering Department had a lot of research opportunities. Why engineering: I love to work with my hands, and I love to code. Doing a lot of engineering projects with my dad while I was in high school helped me to see my love for hardware and software, and engineering just felt right. Favorite St. Thomas class so far: Digital Design – it has lots of topics, and I learned a lot.

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