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Name: Phil Brick ‘10

Hometown: Cottage Grove, Minnesota Currently live in: Las Vegas Majors: Electrical engineering and physics Employer: U.S. Air Force Since graduation:

I started in engineering acquisitions and then worked as a pilot. I have lived in Utah, Oklahoma, Northern California, New Mexico and now I am stationed at Offutt AFB in Nebraska flying the RC-135. Why Engineering (and Physics): I really enjoyed the subject matter. Why St. Thomas: It was highly recommended, and I have an uncle who is an alumnus. Favorite class: Optics – Professor Adam Green was amazing, and it was an extremely challenging and fun class. How did you become interested in ROTC: I’ve always had a passion for the military. Advice to your undergraduate self: Enjoy your time in college. Where you can be found on a Sunday afternoon: Hiking, helicopter lessons Next big thing: Get my helicopter license

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