ENS FY24 Junior Intro Teaser Brochure

Purple is more than a color on your sweatshirt. It’s a spirit of growing. It’s a shared sense of belonging. It has a way of becoming an ever-present part of your everyday life, now and into the future. It’s a proud color, one that everyone can feel comfortable in. Yes, purple is truly at the heart of our welcoming university, and we vow to make it a color characterized by radical You wear purple on the outside, but you’ll discover IT GOES DOWN TO THE SOUL

hospitality, acceptance and anti-bias. Because your St. Thomas purple should always be on display, even when you’re not wearing the sweatshirt. Mass Appeal St. Thomas is a Catholic university, grounded in faith tradition and welcoming to all. You’ll be in community with Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Protestants, agnostics, atheists and people in the process of discovering a faith. These differences make our university whole.

Living and Learning Community Students participate in a two-year residential campus experience. First-year students live in residence halls that are new or newly renovated (since 2019) and feast on fantastic food. And with Living Learning Communities (LLCs), you can reside and study among classmates, strengthening the learning possibilities and personal connections.



Join a Club Get out more. Join Photography Club, Women in Business, Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement (HOLA), Computer Science Club, Sustainability Club or one (or several) of our 140+ clubs. Campus Care Our Center for Well-Being provides a wide array of health, mental health and well-being services all in one convenient campus location so you can thrive in and out of the classroom. Traveling Tommies Study abroad is huge at St. Thomas. So, explore the many ways you can take your learning global, including semester, academic year, summer or the always-popular J-Term (January Term) trips.

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